Press for "Something Good."

"Something Good is an excellent EP. Strong melodies, a honeyed voice and the sumptuous piano combine to produce sonic affluence."-Huffington Post. 

"If you sit back and fully immerse yourself in the delightful lead single New York and Me, you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say Matteo Scher is a rising star of this newer era."-Mid Tennessee Music. 

"Scher's talent as a songwriter, singer, and piano player is a refreshing and relaxing experience. His meaning and melodies are out in full force while he also plays a beautiful piano." - Edge Media Network. 

"Scher speaks from experience on every song, and while that is true of most artists, it’s the earnest way that Scher tells his stories in song form that sets him apart from other musicians."-Music Existence.Com

"By placing us on the verge of despair and excitement, Scher leaves us in an emotionally tangled space that oddly enough feels comfortable."-Aupium Global Music. 

"Title track, ‘Something Good’, is where Matteo is at his best, channelling Billy Joel so well you can imagine the Piano Man himself playing this at the Madison Square Garden."- Essentially Pop

"Matteo Scher is a current student of music business at Baruch College, and he is certainly on the way to making huge accomplishments in the music industry. His Something Good EP seems to have been crafted with an extraordinary level of care and meticulousness. Each song presents listeners with something different, and each song perfectly showcases his musical diversity."-Audible

"New York has been the city of dreams and the destination of many for decades. The unique mix of peoples, cultures, and metro-urban challenges have molded some of history’s most memorable entertainers, and Matteo Scher may be the city’s next musical shooting star."-Viral Pirate Magazine. 

"Though incredibly young, Matteo is a promising act that is bound for the big lights that he speaks of throughout ‘Something Good’. If you are encountering a breakup that has ripped your heart out of your chest, check out ‘Something Good’ as a tool to reflect upon the past and what’s next."- 

"New York and Me”, is a highly melodic showcase of Matteo’s sound, recalling the piano-led charm of Tom Odell or Billy Joel, though with a grandiose and symphonic-laden nature lending a nice addition to the theatrical vocals, fit for a big city sound"-Obscure Sound.

"Young Matteo Scher has the twinkle of city lights in his eyes. The Twenty-year-old phenom sings with the unencumbered passion of a young man feeling the true meaning of freedom for the first time yet plays like a seasoned vet, ebbing and flowing to keep his audience hanging on his every note." -

"Possessing a nostalgic, and a contemporary quality to his music, Scher, is the consummate singer-songwriter. Whether it’s simultaneously being reminded about the joys of Broadway, the sincerity of Billy Joel, or the passion of Elton John, Matteo Scher’s artistic expression is certain to elicit a pleasant response."

"If you take a moment to listen to this new EP from 20-year-old Matteo Scher the first thing you’ll likely think of when the piano keys are struck and Scher starts to croon is Billy Joel. This kid has the talent of the Piano Man." -Beat Media. 

"New York And Me" follows Matteo's adventures in the Big Apple. It has rather expansive audio, which fits into the "big-city" motif. Matteo succeeded in producing a song about the people of New York and musical artists as a whole."-Sub

Something Good is a clear, well-reasoned, expertly played and written EP from Matteo Scher"- Short and Sweet NYC. 

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